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Monday, 27 April 2015

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I'm sure you've seen it in Boots and Superdrugs by now, and I'm certain you've seen it pop up on practically all the beauty blogs out there, but I felt that I really wanted to throw my opinion on the Max Factor Crème Puff Blush into the pool.

Now I have to confess, while I adore blushes and would never dream of going out without some hint of colour on my cheek, I've never ever bought drugstore blushes before. Ever. Not even once. I've wandered around the aisles of Boots and picked them up, ummed and ahhed over a few, before putting them back down and walking away.

Not so when I saw the Crème Puff Blushes. I'd seen some reviews, looked at the swatches, and knew straight away I had to get at the very least one. I originally picked up the shades Lovely Pink and Nude Mauve, liked them so much, and went back to get Seductive Pink. I would have bought another shade if I could, but my local Boots only stocked four colours, so I am making do with these three for now.

The major cause of fuss over these blushes is the fact they are so similar to the Hourglass Ambient Blushes, which I have tried but never gotten round to buying. The Hourglass ones are gorgeous, and look beautiful in the pan, but I never feel like I want to fork out £28 for a blush, no matter how much I like it. This doesn't mean I won't in the future if I feel extremely spendy, but when the Max Factor version look as good (aside from the difference in packaging), some shades are extremely similar, and you can buy 3 of the Crème Puffs for less than the Hourglass, there wasn't even a decision.

tiled puff blush Of the three shades I have, Nude Mauve is my favourite. Subtle, with the mix of contour, colour and highlight in one, it is very similar to my beloved Nars Douceur. The colour pay off for all three is very nice, and easily buildable. The packaging looks cheap compared to the Hourglass, but for some reason I actually rather enjoy the compact feel of them, and think I would find it easy to pop into my handbag for touch-ups (I'm lazy, I don't actually like carrying around that much makeup to touch things up unless I'm going out for the evening).

I'm trying to think of some negatives about these blushes, and at the moment, I honestly can't think of one at all which I am so surprised about. Given that I am enjoying the colours I have and am using them on a daily basis right now, I think I may have been converted to drugstore blushes. Now I just need to get the rest of the set.

P.S. Every time I write 'Crème Puff' or think it, I start thinking about cream puff rolls. Drool.

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