This is not a perfume. No, seriously...

Friday, 3 April 2015

show pt 775

This is not a perfume. No, honestly, it's not. This gorgeous bottle actually oil. Yes, that's right. Inside this beautiful bottle with its gold top and faceted exterior, really is a hair oil. Sold as a luxury product, it definitely looks the part, and would look just right on any dressing table.

Produced by SHOW Beauty, this is the Pure Treatment Oil, which contains argan oil, jojoba oil and apricot seed oil. I picked it up in one of those 'bad-for-your-bank-balance' moments when you are wandering around, looking to buy something but unsure of what. Dangerous. While the instructions recommend you use this after you've washed your hair, the sales assistant took a little out and smoothed it through my dry frizz-prone hair, and voila! Smooth hair that felt conditioned and shone without looking greasy. Instant magic, instant sale.

Now, I know it's just an oil, and yes it is marketed as luxury, and therefore comes with a 'luxury' price tag of £50, but this stuff seems to do wonders to my hair. I have coarse hair that is prone to frizz and sticking out at weird angles, and I have tried different variations from drugstore hair aisles, to natural ones, and the Moroccan Oil that seemed to start the whole argan craze off, and none of those compared to this. It just works, and considering how little you need at a time, I expect this bottle to last me some time. Also, though I said it wasn't a perfume, it does actually smell amaaazing, sweet but not overly so, and that's saying something, for someone who really dislikes sickly-sweet scents.

If I do have just one complaint, it's the actual way of distributing the oil. Taking off the pretty cap, you are presented with a pipette of all things. The problem is, the pipette is trying to dispense an oil that is actually rather runny. Squeezing the pipette to suck oil in and trying to reach your hand before it drips on the bottle is extremely hard. It just runs before you can even draw it into the pipette anyway, let alone keep it there for you to dispense.

Much as I would like them to improve the dispensing method, in the grander scheme of things, the oil is that good, I'm willing to overlook this and keep with it. Time to pop off and put some magic into my hair.

SHOW Pure Treatment Oil is available at Selfridges, House of Fraser and for £50.

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