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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

barry  sunset nails 2

I am an absolute polish-holic. I adore the stuff. Every time I clear out my stash, I always end up replacing what I've thrown out/donated with some more bottles. When I try to give my nail beds a rest for a day or so each week, I am always planning what to paint them next. The only problem is that I'm extremely clumsy and casual with my nails after I've painted them, so I inevitably end up with chips, wear, and sometimes smudges which normally leads to me taking the colour off and starting again. When I've thought about it, gel should really be the way to go considering its lasting power, but the amount of faff that goes into the process (both going on and taking off) has always put me off, not to mention the horror stories you sometimes read about the after-effects on nail condition. So when I came across the Barry M own take on gel nails, I was immediately intrigued and snapped up a colour.

The idea behind these is that you must use the colours in the system, followed by the specially-made top coat, and let your nails 'cure' under UV light. Although it's called 'Sunset Daylight', I'm pretty sure the curing process can work just as well under artificial light. You should then get the high shine and similar lasting power of actual gel nail polish from this.

Out of the seven colours in the range, I picked up You Drive Me Navy (the other shades also have awesome names), which on me is a very inky kind of blue that can look very dark in different lights. What I have really been liking about this particular colour is how even in lights where most other navy polishes will look black, this still keeps the deep blue tone.

The Daylight Curing Topcoat is something quite special as well, because it is probably the shiniest topcoat I have ever used. I wonder if I could just use it as a topcoat for all my other nail polishes as well?

The instructions tell you to apply two thin coats of colour, before applying the topcoat and letting it cure. The problem I did have with this is that the formula for the colour was rather thick and gluey (probably because it is meant to be a gel polish?) which made it really hard for me to paint evenly into what I would classify as a thin coat. As you can see from the pictures, it was so thick I had problems when I started off, leaving my thumbnail looking less tidy than the others. Also, whenever I use a topcoat within about 2 hours of painting my nails, I always get transfer onto the topcoat brush. Any suggestions how I can avoid this?

barry m sunset nails 1

The main picture shows my nails on Day 2 of this nail polish. Hopefully you can tell just how shiny they are. In terms of shininess, the top coat is really good at this. Are these polishes a replacement for gels? The short answer is: no. The long answer is: at the very least, they are not me/life-proof. By Day 3, I had tip wear on both hands. By Day 4, I had scratches across the surface of the polish on some nails significant tip wear on both hands, and Day 5 saw gouges and chips at the sides. When it gets to that point, it definitely is time to get the polish remover out. Fortunately, they come off in the same way as normal nail polish, so no hassle there.

While I think the idea of this new range is genuinely innovative and clever, it seems to fall short of its aim. If you're looking for a drugstore replacement for your gel nails, then this is not going to be it. Gel nails these are not. A normal nail colour, yes. The colour range is something that will probably be expanded in the future, and seeing as the colours are quite pretty, I think you won't be disappointed with the colours. Now that I've finished testing this range, I'm off to paint my nails a different colour. Hmm, the choices....

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