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Thursday, 7 May 2015

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MAC collections seem to pop out every few months now, and several at a time, to the point I don't know what's coming other than the major launches such as the current Philip Treacy collaboration, and the Cinderella one that everyone and their mother (apart from me) bought. There was also the Chinese New Year one which I heard nothing about, and only noticed because I happened to look in through the windows of the Covent Garden store while I was getting my lunch, which naturally meant I completely missed out on my picks by that time. Some collections I curse for not seeing or knowing about on time, others I shrug and forget about. Not so with the Toledo collection.

Yes, this collection came out some time ago, and has been replaced in store by the Philip Treacy collection, but the news of this instantly caught my attention, and had me desperately checking in through the windows to make sure I got my hands on something, and that constant checking paid off.

Looking through pictures, I knew beforehand I had to get the Ripe Peach Blush, which I've read about and deemed mythical and legendary. I managed to get one of these, and also snapped up the lipstick in shade Victoriana, to add to my already large collection of reds and totally didn't need, but hey, a girl's got to have lipstick, ok?

First thing's first, look at the packaging! I love the quirkiness of it. The contrast between the white packaging to the red and black design makes it look really unique. The texture of the packaging is not smooth like the normal MAC packaging, but faintly rubberised, which makes me think of NARS packaging. Not great for keeping pristine, especially as it's white, but I don't intend to carry about the blush with me in my bag which collects bits (eugh) and I can live with the lipstick casing getting a bit marked, because it's mostly going to sit in my carry around makeup bag.

Let's look at that blush first. Ahh, Ripe Peach. As I said before, I never owned the original Ripe Peach, only read about it and saw the pictures, and wished in retrospect I had bought it. I don't know what the original one was like so I can't do a comparison, but I can say that I do like this blush. I find it quite a hard textured brush, ie, when I swirl a brush in the pan, it doesn't pick up all that much product, so I have to go back in, swirl again, apply and repeat depending on the intensity I want it. Also, it seems to lean a bit more orange than I would like right now, but it's quite a brightening blush, and I can't help but feel happy when I put it on.

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As for the lipstick, Victoriana is a very bright pink-toned red. I think of raspberries when I look at it. It's a very creamy formula, which means it's very easy to put on, but somehow it doesn't really slide. Yes I got a few marks from my lips during the day around my mouth (that's what you get when you accidentally poke yourself in the face) but the colour stayed on my lips very boldly for about 4 hours until lunchtime, whereupon after eating, it turned into a very strong stain. It's not the most unique colour out there, I'm sure that everyone already has just such a lipstick. Apart from me, until this one funnily enough!

I didn't feel like anything else from the collection appealed to me as much as these two items, so I'm happy that I stuck to just these. The collection is still available online here, so if you're interested, do go check it out!

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