Moisturisers aren't just for the face

Sunday, 17 May 2015

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So this won't be an utterly revolutionising post, because it's about something that's fairly routine for some people, but I wanted to talk about the importance of moisturising. Not for the face this time, but for the body.

This post actually came about when my boyfriend's sister turned to me one day, knowing that I have a (big) interest in skincare, and told me she had just heard that moisturising and general skincare for your body was as important as looking after your face, and she had only just started moisturising her body. She then promptly backed away from my expression, which I think was a mixture of shock, confusion, and a bit more shock thrown in. To someone who has suffered from eczema all their life, the very idea of not moisturising my body scares me. I will never not moisturise after I shower or bath. I can't even think about doing it. I tried once and lasted less than five minutes before having to run for some body cream.

Now, if you really really don't like moisturising, then fair's fair, everyone has their own preferences. To me, it's just second nature. I'm of the opinion that if you are willing to spend money on cleansers, serums etc for your face, then you obviously care about your skin, so why not invest another five minutes on the rest of you?

If money is a factor that plays into your decision not to moisturise your body, then think about the amount of cash you fork out for the basics for your body skin is normally far less than what you spend on facial skincare. Of course, if you do want to spend a little more, than that works fine, but you really can get all your body skincare for less than half the price of a serum. A shower gel, body scrub, and a moisturiser will set you back about £20 (or less). If you really don't like using body butters/moisturisers, or don't remember to use one after washing, then maybe a shower oil is an option for you, as this will clean and moisturise at the same time.

Yes, I know, not the most exciting post, but I just felt I had to talk about a really important skincare step, even if it's not a very sexy subject. Moisturising the body isn't just a thing for helping out any dry parts today, tomorrow, or next week; it's a step that will keep on helping as each of us get older. No, it's not going to stop aging, but it's definitely going to keep you looking and feeling a lot better in your own skin. Now that I've been talking about body moisturisers for this post, I'm off to slather a bit more on now.

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