Sunday, 24 May 2015

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If there's any brand that features the most in my collection, it's NARS. Thoough it's been facing stiff competition from Chanel in recent months, I always end u[ falling back to NARS especially when it come to colour products! I use so much of their stuff, and everyday there is very likely to be something by NARS that features somewhere on my face, whether it be a base product, or a colour product. In fact, I am so much in love with the brand that if I could only ever use makeup products from one brand in the world for the rest of my life, I'd choose Nars in a heartbeat. I thought I'd give a breakdown of all the NARS products that feature in my makeup stash, and write a full-on post later about anything that really stands out for me.

While I have yet to try the newest foundation, I have been a big fan of both the Sheer Matte and the Sheer Glow for some time. I've actually finished a whole bottle of the Sheer Matte (back when I was really into matte formulas) which s actually a big thing for me, considering how many bottles of foundation I have on the go. Both the Sheer Matte and the Sheer Glow were medium coverage on me with the ability to go really light (easier with the Sheer Glow) or to build up for a fuller coverage. I recently purchased the Tinted Moisturiser, since I was fooled by the weather into thinking Summer was on its way. This is definitely a much lighter base that gives some fairly decent coverage despite being less thick than a full-on foundation.

Now onto 'colour', which NARS is fantastic for. I think NARS are really well-known for their blushes and lip products, but they've also got a great selection of eye colours, so that's pretty much the whole 'colour' part of makeup covered.

The Lip Pencils are definitely standout products from their line up. True, they might not be the only ones in the beauty business offering lip-smacking colour in a thick pencil format, but I think they certainly popularised it first. Both the Velvet and Satin pencils are fantastic, giving great colour pay-off despite the difference in finish. While the Satin pencils don't have the same lasting power as the Velvets, they are as easy to apply, and have creamy texture that sits nicely on the lips. In all honesty, I don't much mind lipsticks that don't stay on the lips, because it's not much effort to reapply.

As for their blushes, my all-time favourite blush is by NARS, and I have 4 in total, if you include the one in my all-in-one Face palette. Amour may have been my first foray in NARS blushes, but Douceur is my true love. My heart breaks every time I use it though, since it appears to have been discontinued. *weeps uncontrollably*

nars 2
Now, here come the parts where I think NARS really excel, their palettes. They are always creating and offering up eyeshadow or face palettes that are a great way to dip into NARS if you've never tried any of their stuff before, or just a NARS addict like myself. I'm certain they pay attention to demand as well. Their And God Created Woman palette sold out so quickly, I was devastated I missed out. Then a few months afterwards they brought it back as a Space NK exclusive, and now via their website, it seems to have become a standard. Then who could forget their NARSissist palette that caused so much fuss last year?

If there's only one criticism I have of Nars, it's that they don't label the colours in their palettes. I think I'm not the only one who would find it really helpful if they did. As you can see, I've gone ahead and used a thin white pen to write them in, so I've found a way around this complaint.

My NARS collection may be pretty extensive already, but I've got a (mostly lip product) full wishlist still to get through. I think it might just be time for me to buy that extra storage for it all now.

Update: I just happened to look in my drawer at the Virtual Domination Palette which happened to be upside down and seen that they have actually LABELLED the colours. Progress!

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