Chanel Bleu Rhythm: Fortissimo

Thursday, 11 June 2015

chanel fortissimo 1

Chanel have gone and surprised me by launching not one, but two summer collections. While I am waiting for my single pick from the earlier Mediterranee collection to wing its way to me (can you guess what it is?), I had a chance to look in the Chanel store at the new Bleu Rhythm collection. I actually first saw this on social media, and was surprised by this collection because it seems slightly different to the usual colours I associate with Chanel. Also, the name of the collection and the items just seems a bit different to Chanel's usual approach, but I think it's nice to be surprised by the seasonal releases.

I needed less than 5 minutes looking at the collection before I decided on taking the Fortissimo polish home with me. It isn't the most summery colour out there, but I have a bit of a thing for navy blue clothing, and this has extended to my nails. I think most people will be drawn to the much brighter shade Vibrato, but since I've been looking for a perfectly blue navy blue, this was a no-brainer.

chanel fortissimo 2

Deep, with iridescence all the way through, this polish looks just perfect in the bottle and on the nails. The iridescence is visible in natural and artificial light, but in a very good way, because it stops the colour looking too flat and gives it some dimension on the nail surface.

I recently reviewed the navy in the new Barry M collection. At the totally other end of the spend spectrum, I'm mentioning this because I think it was more of a green based blue. Fortissimo on the other hand is very much a blue blue.

I can't speak much for longevity because I've only had it on my nails for two days so far, but it was evenly opaque in two layers. The formula was lovely to apply though, a far cry from the first Chanel polish I own which at first made me swear off of them.

If you're interested in the collection, I suggest you hurry to check them out, as Chanel seasonal collections always sell out very quickly.

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