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Sunday, 28 June 2015

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As with most skincare trends, the Western world tends to follow the Korea and Japan with its skincare innovations, and it's thanks to them really that sheet masks, double cleansing and of course BB Creams, have become such a big thing over in the West. Considering the amount of time and care that is invested on a daily basis by women (and men) there (the famous 10-15 step face routine), and the investment by companies into the science and development of skincare products, it's no surprise really that we sit up and take note. The trigger for this post was an email I got telling me about some recent essence launches in the UK.

Essences have been included in my skincare routine since mid-last year, when I was reading up on Korean skincare on the internet. I remember seeing a small snippet on it in a paper, and then doing a bit of research. After then reading that Cate Blanchett (one of my favourite actresses ever) included a SKII essence in her routine, I decided the step was a must. Come on, she has amazing skin.

I'll admit, if you feel double-cleansing, acid toning and so forth is a faff, then you might not want to include Essences in as this is another step. I, on the other hand, rather enjoy taking my time with my skin, especially in the evening.

If you do acid tone and then hydrate tone, see the hydrate tone as a pre-hydrate; it's the essence that follows after this step that will give you that extra strong hit of hydration. However, as you can see, essences can be packed into other skincare products, including this recent sunscreen I bought.

I've seen that Kiehl's and Clinique have launched their own essences recently, and now that Muji do skincar, they've also bought essences to the fore in the UK.

If hydration is something of a concern to you , and it probably should be a focus for everyone at least once a week, then now's the perfect time to start using essences. If you have time to paint your nails every week, then you have time to slot an extra 30 seconds into your skincare routine for essences.

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