Hydrating the skin: NUDE ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk

Thursday, 25 June 2015

nude progenius milk

If you've read previous posts, you will probably know that I've been fighting dehydrated skin. For the past month I've included something in my skincare routine which has sneaked up on me in terms of how much I like it. This is the NUDE Progenius Omega Treatment Milk (seriously, people, can we start shortening names soon? They're just too much of a mouthful). The name might make some people think of it as a moisturiser (that would make it one seriously expensive and small moisturiser then), and it definitely has the feel of a not-so-thick one, but I use it at the serum stage of my skincare routine.

It falls into the natural-ish category of skincare, and smells a bit like bubblegum with a slight herbaly whiff. It comes in a handy square based purple bottle with a pump, which makes me very happy. It might seem a minor thing, but I've always found that square shaped/based bottles are much easier to stack and store, wasting far less space. The pump makes it very easy to dispense the serum for use. The serum itself is a pale yellow colour, and has the consistency of a lightweight cream moisturiser.

Since it is made with natural oils, I've found no problems at all using this. It's very soothing to put on, and it may just be my imagination, but my skin always feels an immediate hydration boost once I've put this on. I definitely felt like I missed it when I didn't bring any with me on my travels. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do, and am so happy I decided to buy it.

In terms of what it does, I would say that it is a much more expensive version of the REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Serum. However, I find the REN a bit heavy going for the warmer months, considering it has the texture of an oil, so I have been using the NUDE Treatment Milk on a twice-daily basis. If your skin is in need of some hydration, then this is definitely one I recommend for the warmer months and all year round in fact!

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