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Thursday, 4 June 2015

old routine
If you've read my previous post on being kinder to yourself about your looks/skin, then you'll know I met the skincare goddess herself, Caroline Hirons, at the Clinique Great Skincare Lab in Covent Garden last week. I queued up after work to snatch 5 minutes with her for a quick chat. And though I needed the toilet desperately while I waited (I wasn't the only one risking it in order to get some skin chat time in), it was very much worth it.

So what else did I come away with, other than a slightly healthier attitude to my skin? Well, the following: 1. the knowledge that I don't have full on blemished skin.
2. my skin is STILL dehydrated
3. I am probably over-cleaning my skin
4. my current beauty regime could do with tweaking

With this in mind, and a veto on what I'm doing or including in my routine from Mrs H herself, I've had to rethink a few things or exclude them entirely.

One is dropping Bioderma or any micellar water as makeup remover. Originally when I came home, I would get out the Bioderma and use that as my makeup remover, before going onto double cleanse with actual cleansers. I know that some people consider this a first cleanse, but because of the texture and feel of it, I never did, which meant that in essence I triple-cleansed. This no doubt hasn't been helping my dehydrated state, so I've ditched this step and go straight in with a cleansing balm that can take off my makeup. I admit, I still use eye makeup remover because I wear waterproof mascara and liner which I want to make sure is completely removed, but otherwise I've found taking the micellar water step out of my routine a happy transition. The first day was odd, but after that, it's been natural to forget Bioderma entirely.

Next, I was advised to drop my Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser, as though they are nice ingredients, they are too stripping for my skin. In all honesty, I wasn't that upset with this advice. This cleanser is something I have not been enjoying at all since I've bought it. It has to be one of the most boring cleansers known to man. Not that I'm expecting a cleanser to get up and dance, but you know, you want to be able to enjoy your skincare, and frankly this was just so dull to use! I was only using it to try finish it and justify the cost of it, but now that it's been confirmed as not good for me, I'll happily retire this.

Included with this is the Chantecaille Flowers Harmonizing Cream that I wrote (whinged) about in a previous post. This was deemed too heavy for my skin, without addressing the dehydration issue. Again, another boring product that I saw no results from, so I'm happy to have a proper excuse to rid me of this one, even if it does mean money down the drain.

Now here's one that I am actually a bit sad about, because I was very happy having this in my routine, and this is the Vichy Normaderm Detox Nightcream. Though this is probably light enough for my skin, I bought this when I was in my full-scale "I have spots so I will attack my whole face with spot fighting products" mode, and though I enjoyed this while using it because it was light and not smothering, it wasn't helping my dehydrated state. I think I will keep this for when I am feeling excessively spotty, and maybe target moisturise those areas, but otherwise this has been retired from daily use.

So, there you have it, a few things I'm not fussed about losing from my routine and an adjustment to how I go about doing things. This will be a two-parter skincare post, so come back in a few days time to see what has been introduced into my routine instead.

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