Skin thoughts #2

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Today's post is another 'Skinthoughts' post. I'm thinking about keeping these as a semi-regular series where I write about a topic on skin/beauty that has gotten my brain contemplating something or other. This time round I wanted to talk about being in touch with our skin's needs on a regular basis.

We all tend to classify ourselves as a category of skin type, or rather with our concerns. I'm combination blemish-prone with dehydrated skin (whew, that's a mouthful when I have to speak to someone about my skin). You might be dry, or oily with dark spots, and so on. Yes we do tend to towards one or two concerns, and that's how we tend to gear our approach to our skin.

However, some days our skin defies everything we think about it and just won't play ball. Recently, I've had some random dry patches that showed up out of nowhere and were causing havoc when I applied makeup. Luckily for me I had things already that could deal with that, but it got me trying out a relatively daily approach to things. For those days that were dry, I put on an oil in the morning as well as the evening. I also pulled out a manual exfoliant sample of all things to put a little more effort into getting rid of those dry patches. Now that they're mostly gone, I've gone back to trying to hydrate my skin.

If you're able to or just happen to love playing around with skincare, maybe try and look at your skin each morning when you wake up and consider what it needs that day rather than going "I've got this skin issue, so I'll use this". Boxing yourself completely might not be fulfilling what your skin needs. Try and take a little time to notice what's on your skin agenda for the day. Also, nothing wrong with altering a routine just to jazz things up.

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