Summer on my nails: Dior Sunwashed

Thursday, 18 June 2015

dior sunwashed

Each season brings the inevitable onslaught of seasonal collections, and when I say onslaught, I personally really mean it. There are so many lovely things being released all at once, there's just too much choice going on for me. Not to mention it's not healthy for my bank. I do find that I have a tendency towards the nail polishes in each seasonal collection and it certainly turned out that way for the latest Dior Tie Dye collection for 2015. As beautiful as the stand out blushes are from this collection, I just could not justify adding it to my collection because I knew a) I'd find it too pretty to use and b) the MAC Toledo collection Ripe Peach blush was staring at me forbiddingly from my drawer (metaphorically of course). I also have too many eyeshadow palettes not in use to let myself buy a new palette. Nail polishes, on the other hand, always persuade me to invest in these seasonal edits, and after seeing a few snapshots of these on Instagram, I decided to pick up the colour Sunwashed, mostly because I have two other Dior polishes which are very similar to the other two limited editions.

Sunwashed is a lovely happy yellow that does come out a little pastel, which is why the name is so fitting. However , I would say it is more milky than pastel, if that makes sense. I found that the colour was not too pale for my skintone and personally, I think it would suit most tones. It will look great with a tan and is perfectly suited to hotter temperatures, which is what the UK seems headed for (fingers crossed). I did find that for me I needed to layer up quite significantly to get even layers, with 3 on both hands mostly and an extra coat for one or two fingers. I also personally found that by the fourth day of wear, I had wear on the tips and the feathery cracking lines running across some nails. When it gets to that point for me, it's time to remove.

While the longevity of this polish is something I would normally loathe, I find the colour so uplifting and pretty that I'm willing to forgive that and keep layering up if necessary.

I got mine from the Dior store in Covent Garden, but it is available from Boots and House of Fraser still. If you're looking for a yellow that is pastel that still packs a bit of a colour punch, then this might be the option for you.

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