Diptyque Eau Moheli

Thursday, 23 July 2015

diptyque moheli
Going through my tiny perfume collection, I managed to stumble across Diptyque's Eau Moheli EDT that I had completely forgotten. You might think that having a small collection would mean it's easy to keep using the same perfumes, but this was is so slim, it fell over and I kept missing it until I accidentally knocked over my shelf (oops!). At the time that it came out, I had just decided that I was going to finally buy myself a Diptyque perfume, and this was the one I ended up going for. I had originally intended on getting Philosykos but found that I couldn't stand the scent on me (am I the only one?), whereas this one just called to me for some reason.

According to the Diptyque website, it has notes of Ylang-Ylang Flowers and Leaves, Pink Peppercorn, Ginger, and Vetiver. Thank heaven that they state their notes, because I certainly wouldn't be able to identify them for you! What I can say about this perfume is that it's a very warm, rich and woody floral that dries down to a bit of a musky scent, but the floral aspect is the dominant note. It's quite sweet, but the woodiness balances this out. Also, there's some spice from the ginger and peppercorn that cuts through, so you won't be overwhelmed by the sweetness.

I wouldn't say that this scent reminds me of the beach, nor do I think it's completely right on a really warm day. Rather, I think it would work best for a slightly cooler day, possibly spring or autumn days? It's so warming and rich, I think you might feel a little heavy with this on during a hot summer day. Still, it's a really lovely perfume to wear. I'm not normally a fan of ylang-ylang, but I definitely make an exception here.

The lasting power is about 4 hours, which I guess comes with the fact it's only an EDT, but I bought this in rollerball format, just so that I could keep this in my bag and pull out whenever needed. I wish all perfume houses did this, it would be so much more convenient.

Have you ever tried this perfume? Or are you a die-hard Philosykos fan? Any other Diptyque recommendations for me?

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