Essie Bridal Picks

Thursday, 16 July 2015

essie bridal 1
No, I'm not getting married anytime soon. I just happened to be at the Essie stand in Boots when I picked up some bottles from their Bridal selection and decided to bring them home with me. I'm having a thing for nude or pale polishes lately, the colours in this range were bound to capture my attention.

The colours I brought home were Hubby for Dessert and Brides to Be. I have an obsession for the colour lilac that Hubby for Dessert was going home with me without even thinking. Essie describe it as a sheer candied lilac, and I wouldn't disagree with that. It verges on a white lilac, and really is very sheer. I had to put 3 layers on, and I could still sort of see my nail white underneath.

I decided to pick up Brides to Be because I've been looking for a more skintone coloured nude for a while for both my lips and nails, and thought this might be it. When I picked it up, the first colour description I could think of for it in the bottle was "peach caramel". Essie describe it as 'soft-spoken caramel blush', and I think my own colour description for it is pretty accurate to theirs. I really liked this colour in the bottle, but liked it a little less on my nails. The colour is again very sheer and again I needed 3 layers and possibly could have done with 4.

As bridal colours, I think they are spot on, they're definitely colours I could see myself wanting to wear should the occasion ever arise (or if I go to a wedding as a guest, these would work). My only problem with them is just how sheer they are. I get very annoyed with having to put on 3 layers because it takes so much time for them to dry completely. These could have done with 4 on my nails, and that is just far too much effort.

If you're looking for pretty pastels for such an occasion, then you might be happy with this range. I personally don't think I'll be pulling these out again for some time.

If anyone has any recommendations for some skincoloured nail neutrals, then I would love to hear them and try them out!


  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. Hubby for Dessert, love that color. But is so interesting that after 3 layers is still a kind of "1 layer"... Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! It is a lovely colour, I just find I can't work with having to paint on that many layers, takes too long! xx