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Sunday, 12 July 2015

edited summer blushes
Warmer months means warmer colours for all round, no? Out with the all-black outfits if I can, in with the brights. This also is true for blushes. Whereas in winter and spring, I tend to go for pink blushes, come summer, I feel the need to reach for peach blushes. Peach seems to work wonders at brightening a complexion, and works really well whether my skin is still relatively pale, or has had a touch of sun.

My all-time favourite peachy blush is Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon. Watermelon colours tend to make me think of bright pinks, but somehow this one is a lovely coral colour, that is indeed pink toned, that can be sheered on and gives a flush of colour with a glow. Also, the cream blush is very sticky in texture, so gives a lovely dewy finish. I've read of people using a stippling brush to apply these Bobbi Brown blushes on, but I've yet to try this method yet. I find this one layers up really well, with one swipe and blend being very very subtle, and more layers makes it more obvious (obviously). It also lasts really well during the day, meaning I keep my blush up for most of my working day.

MAC Peaches Powder Blush is obviously a peach. For me, it's a straight up peach colour. It looks quite strong in the pan, but with my RMK blush brush, one swipe goes on evenly and lightly, and I don't really find the need to apply any more.

The final one I would pick is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Blush in Stereo Rose. This is the 2014 edition from the Fantasy of Flowers collection, not the older edition which I've seen pictures of around and about the internet. I find I like to use this one when I want to have a lot of illumination, as this has a lot of bronzey-shine to it, which gives off a more pearl-shine on the skin (weird, I know). The actual colour of the peach is a very pink-tinted peach on me. I wouldn't say I use it as much as the other two proper peaches.

Out of all my blushes, I definitely find the Bobbi Brown is my main pick, and have been using this every day for the past two weeks. It took me such a long time to buy it, but when I finally did earlier this year, I was extremely happy I got round to it, and I am so happy I can just pull this out each day, swish it on and go. Beautiful colour, great product.

Do you have a peach blush love, or do you prefer pinks?

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