Could this be your new hair conditioner? Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I'm a bit of a conditioner floozy, I'll be the first to admit that. I flit from one to the pther as soon as I finish one bottle, constantly in search of one that will make me go 'ah-ha!', and give me a hair like silk. Since I was little, I've always imagined that when I found the right products, my hair would tumble down in such a way it would make eloquent writers think "Ah! Her hair is like a flowing river". I'm not joking here. I just know that's not going to happen. Also, if someone came up to me and said that I would more than likely start backing off slowly, with my hands up in the air, and gently tell them "It's going to be all alright"...

Imaginings aside, I really am looking for something to calm my hair. Hair oils give it much needed hydration, but don't seem to do all that much for the frizz. I always seem to have a slight halo of hair standing around my head, and no I don't mean because I think I'm so angelic (angels don't dump their their clothes onto an armchair and cover them up with a blanket when people visit, I'm pretty sure of that). My coarse hair just doesn't like humidity and makes it clear to everybody to see. After looking around for something to replace my Windle & Moodie conditioner, I decided to give the new Ojon release a go because it's a brand I've been meaning to take a look into for a while, and I'd read some good stuff about this new conditioner.

So what's the deal with the new conditioner? Aimed at deep hydration, it is made with three different butters and four different oils, including their own special oil-blend. This really thick conditioner works to both protect and repair dry hair, and boost moisture. The texture of this is extremely thick, very similar to a cream hair mask, and very easy to apply. The instructions are to work it in and leave for two minutes which I can find hard to do if I'm washing my hair over the tub, but I can cope with when I'm in the shower, as I step out of the shower spray range and scrub myself.

I was a bit disappointed with this when I first started using it unfortunately. It went on lovely, but I wasn't a fan of the smell. Sort of herbal in a strange gravelly way, with a touch of bitterness? I also didn't see any real improvement with frizz or shine. At £23 a bottle, it was a real downer for me to have spent that money and not see any results. I was all prepared to just finish it as quickly as possible and move on.

Then I decided to use a clarifying shampoo on my hair, because it had been a while, and slapped the Ojon on afterwards. Lathering it in, I could already feel a difference to how it felt from usual, but it was when I was washing it out that everything clicked. Wow. My hair felt the nicest it had felt in a very long time after washing. Smooth, soft, hydrated but not greasy, my hair felt glorious. Yes I'm going to use that word. I decided to play it safe and let it dry naturally, and had no frizziness that night. This lasted even the next day. I left my hair down and swished it like there was no tomorrow. My hair was exactly how I wanted it. I brushed out my hair before I went to bed, feeling like a modern Rapunzel. Then the next morning dawned and...oh hello frizziness again. Sigh. It was lovely while it lasted.

I've been using this every time I wash my hair now for nearly a month, and from what I can see with my own hair, it doesn't always work following certain shampoos. The only time I have ever felt it was doing what I needed and wanted it to do was after a clarifying shampoo, and obviously, I'm not going to be using a deep clean shampoo all the time. I'm happy for it to have its place in my hair routine for now, but I'm going to have to keep searching for the ultimate conditioner.

The Ojon Rare Blend range is available from Boots and John Lewis although I can't find it on Boots online. Will you be trying this conditioner out? Do you have any recommendations for me?


  1. As someone who suffers from frizz and whose hair is so baby-fine it gets damaged really easy, I was recently put onto this tip by a hairdresser- leave in conditioners. Yes they are apparently BACK! I haven't seen them used in a long time (since my Mum used to buy Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance in the late 90s)

    For a really luxe brand try milk_shake (yes the weird punctuation is correct) at £11.00. This is a salon product that I had to buy on Amazon, but was used in my hair salon. It smells like creme brûlée (which can sometimes be a bit overpowering) but boy does it work - even though it is for dry/damaged hair, it doesn't weigh my fine hair down. Plus it tames the frizz and flyaways.

    For a cheap alternative - try Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care leave-in conditioning and care spray. this is available from boots at £3.59, and can be used on wet hair or as a re-styler on dry hair. You can even use it to top up your rinse out conditioner. This has a much less strong smell than milk_shake, kind of powdery/perfumey but in a soapy way (that made no sense). This one is more oily, so less is more.

    And yes I have found that Ojon don't work with some shampoos. I use a deep clarifying shampoo then follow with Ojon's Rare Blend Deep Conditioner (the one with 2 colours) every 2 weeks to rid my hair of nasties.

    anyway - there's my opinion.

    1. wow long comment! I'll give the milk_shake one a go, sounds perfect x