My MAC lipstick collection

Sunday, 23 August 2015

mac collection

Considering how much I love lipstick, it surprises me that most of my lipstick collection isn't actually MAC-based. They have a large range of colours and textures which means I could have my pick of colours and finishes to choose from. I think it's possibly because of the fact that they just do so many colours, I feel a bit inundated with the choice. This means I normally go to the lipstick stand, swatch a ton of colours, get overwhelmed with making a decision, and totter away without anything. That being said, I do have some MAC lipsticks in my hoard, so thought I could show you them, and perhaps get some advice for any colours you think I ought to add to the stash?

Cosmo: a nude brown-based pink that is great for medium-toned skin. It possibly would come off a little too brown on people with lighter skin/lip tone. It definitely falls into the 'my-lips-but-better' category for me. I remember that I wore this a lot when I first got it, and used it as my go-to nude. When I swatched it for this post, I felt very nostalgic and quite guilty that I'd not used it in so long. I plan not to keep it in my handbag from now on.

Lustering: a pretty, warm and bright pink that has a red undertone rather than blue. I bought this on a whim quickly before going to a work event, and I'm so glad I did. It picks up any look and can be layered up depending on how bold you want to go.

Sheer Plum: I don't think I really use this colour much, other than in the colder months. I'd describe it more as a reddy-brown than a plum if I'm really honest. It can come across as a bit too dark, even on me (my lips are quite dark I comparison to the rest of my face), so it's one I don't tend to use unless I'm going for a kind of moody-russet look.

Watch Me Simmer: wow. Look at how bright this colour is! It's a salmon-coral colour that is very vibrant on the lips. This was the colour that caught my eye most from the limited edition Shop Mac, Cook Mac collection. I sometimes am a bit wary wearing this because it is just that bold, but it's still a colour I adore.

Victoriana: from the limited Toledo collection. I wrote a review post about this, check it out here.

Syrup: my final one, and probably my oldest. It possibly needs to be binned now, it's that old! I don't really use this colour anymore, because I have other colours that fulfil my nude-colour needs, but this is still a pretty colour. Pink with a slight purple undertone, it's so sheer that it looks barely there on the lips, but adds just enough hint of colour to give your look an overall sense of completion. Definitely one of those 'keep on standby' shades.

So there you have my MAC lipstick collection. Really quite small I think, when I look at all the other lipsticks I own! Do you have any MAC faves that you would recommend I buy asap to grow the collection?


  1. I need to get more use out of Syrup too! I definitely want to try Cosmo soon xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I really recommend Cosmo, it's such a lovely go-to colour! xx

  2. I don't have any MAC lipstick, but I've heard great things. These are fantastic colors, I bet they look great on you!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Aw thank you! They're really good, although I'm not a fan of the sweet smell at times! They're amongst my faves, but I have lots of others! xx

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