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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

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Recently I bought quite a few new things to add to my stash of skincare and beauty, and thought it would be nice to show them off before I come back with more in depth opinions of them.

As you will know if you have read my previous post about going away on holiday last minute, I ended up going to Greece to visit my boyfriend's family, which tends to mean that I end up doing a little beauty shopping in his hometown. It has some great department stores, as well as a little Sephora (yay!) and things always work out a little cheaper when I buy here than in the UK. I picked up from the Hondos Centre department store the Korres Wild Rose CC Cream, Apivita Purifying Mask with Propolis, a mini Korres Grapefruit mask, and a small bottle of the Avene Eau Thermal. I was actually going to pick up the La Roche Posay Eaux Sensible, but unfortunately they had run out of stock, and I really wanted a water spray to help soothe the heat rashes I had developed from the heatwave Greece was experiencing at the time. I know, Greece is hot in summer, but for someone who isn't very good with heat, walking about in 40C+ temperatures meant I really needed some soothing help for my skin!

In case you're wondering, I picked up the Korres CC Cream in Medium tone because I am quite tanned at the moment, and the Light shade just would not work on me at the moment.

The next thing I picked up is actually something I bought last minute before I went on holiday, and something I bought in London. It's actually a repurchase really rather than something new. Last year I bought the Lipstick Queen Endless Summer lipsticks in the shades Stoked and Perfect Wave, and I absolutely fell in love with Stoked. It was, in my eyes, one of the most gorgeous coral shades I had ever owned, and felt really light on the lips. The only problem was that it suffered terribly in the heatwave last year we had in London, and fell apart less than a month after I bought it. My attempts to fix it only made it worse, and I was resigned to using the tiny, wonky stub that was still in the tube, while weeping ever so slightly every time I did. To my delight, Lipstick Queen have actually brought the Endless Summer limited series back this summer, so obviously I snapped up another tube of Stoked. The last year has also seen me growing more fond of nude shades so I am very tempted to pick up Hang Ten as well. The packaging of the Endless Summer collection is fantastic in my opinion. The boxes are very bright and 60s looking, (go figure, it's inspired by a 60s film), and the metallic orange tube looks really unique. Stoked itself is a gorgeous colour, and I am so happy that I have it back in my lipstick stash!

I also picked up the Deciem Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum from Boots, after reading some good reviews around the web. I was in the market for a new hyaluronic acid serum, and have fallen slightly out of love with the Indeed Labs offering, mostly because it is quite sticky. This serum aims to deal with moisture loss, works on multiple levels, and comes in at a great mid-range price point. Plus, it's currently £5 off in Boots at the moment.

Have you picked up anything new that you're excited about recently?

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