What last minute travel plans have taught me

Thursday, 6 August 2015

last in travel

I love travelling. The excitement of seeing somewhere new, or even visiting somewhere I've gone before, it really is lots of fun. I also quite like the whole packing aspect of travelling. Mostly because I love writing lists, and also the browsing and buying of new travel wardrobe additions.
Well, that is how I feel normally. Normally I'll have had my holiday booked two, maybe three weeks in advance, at the very least. I'll have written up my preliminary clothing list, an edited clothing list, a beauty list and so on. Lists, lists, lists. And I'll have gone through Topshop and ASOS to death, purchased and returned things umpteen times to make sure I'm happy with everything I've bought.

This time however, my holiday was booked only two days before I flew. Eep. My usual need for making list upon list just wasn't going to get the full attention I would usually give it. Which meant that I was bound to forget something. Which I did, obviously. So here's a roundup of what I've learnt from this trip as well as new discoveries/decisions.

1. Muslin cloths are just easier to use when travelling. Yes I am a die-hard flannel person, but muslins fold up smaller, making them easier to pack. Also, they dry a lot faster.
2. Superdrugs Double Faced Cotton Wool Pads may just actually be better than Boots' version.
3. I am bound to forget my toothbrush. This is extra annoying because I have to use super soft small ones that need to be bought from a dentist. Resolution: buy a spare and put it in a special travel grab bag from now on.
4. I've decided to set up a 'grab bag' specifically designated for travel essentials with a mini checklist inside it. I'm going to keep a toothbrush, toothaste, dental floss, SPF lipbalm, handcream, cotton pads and buds, and one of those do-all balms in it. I'm also going to carry spare supplies in case 'that time of the month' strikes. You never know if you're going to be near a shop that sells those kinds of things, and there is nothing worse than being caught out. Trust me, I've been there.
5. The MUJI stackable acrylic cream pots don't seem to work very well. Personal experience has led to exploding cream and leaking balms; the single individual pots seem more reliable. Yes it works out more expensive, but I'd trade that for reliability.
6. Labels are a must. The number of times I've slapped something on without realising until too late that I've put on the wrong thing proves this.
7. Multi-adapters for chargers are the way to go. Especially since I now travel with my Kindle, two phones and my laptop. Do not put in the cable for the multi-adapter, and then forget the multi-adapter itself.

I'm sure there are lots of other things I could add to this list, but these were the things that really stood out to me from my recent holiday. Do you have any other tips you've learnt from past experience?


  1. Suncream is always cheaper in the UK than abroad (esp if you are near a beach) so always make the most of and 2 for 1 offers and keep a supply handy all year around. Though perhaps thats the celtic sun-paranoia speaking. I personally like the Malibu spf 30 lip balms, becase they can survive ANYTHING - exercise, sea water, drinking wine. They come in mint and topical flavours. Yummy.

    I'm a big fan of Lush Cosmetics shampoo bars for travelling. You'll never get pulled over by security for liquids, and in their tin they last for ages. They do solid conditioners too, though I haven't tried them yet. Plus no leaks.

    1. I love buying suncream before I go on holiday, it's a bit like in my head I've accepted I'm going away, bit of a ritual. I'll definitely keep that in mind about the Malibu lip balms, I've been using the stub of an Apivita one that melted in the sun the day after I bought it.

      I hadn't thought of their shampoo bars, totally forgot about them! I think last time I used them, they just dried my hair out. Mostly I use shampoo and conditioner sample sachets I get, because then I can chuck the packets out once I'm done.

      Thanks for the extra advice, esp on the lipbalms! xx