A budget palette worth looking at: L'oreal La Palette Nude Rose

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

 photo _DSC3269loreal palette rose.jpg
Eyeshdow palettes have become two-a-penny since Urban Decay brought out their first Naked Palette, but it's only recently that the budget market has brought out palettes that are more than just four or five shades. While I was browsing, I saw the Maybelline The Nudes palette, and was very much considering it but then I remembered that I already lots of bronzey-brown eyeshadow colours at home and really didn't need anymore. The same logic applied when I saw the L'Oréal original nude palette. Then as my eyes landed on the La Palette Nude Rose, I remembered how I hadn't been sold by the Urban Decay rose gold palette, because it was too pink. Comparing that with this one, I could see that though the shades weren't so brown based, it definitely wasn't so pink to make me look odd. Considering the 3 for 2 offer Boots had on L'Oréal at the time, it wasn't any surprise in the end that this was the one I picked.

The palette is housed in a very slimline and low profile black plastic casing. Nothing to write home about particularly, but I like how unfussy it is, and that it's actually rather transportable. The brush/sponge applicator that comes with it really is unmemorable. It was a bit awkward trying to pull it out, which meant that I accidentally scraped one of the eyeshadows with my nail. If you were absolutely in a pinch, it is just about usable, but using your own brushes would be better.

I have to say, I'm really rather impressed by the mattes in this palette, and have been using them on a daily basis for an easy day-to-day look for work. The shades I tend to reach for the most here are the 3rd, 4th and 7th ones from the left (would be so much easier if they had numbers or shades). I'm less keen on the shimmery colours, but I don't tend to wear shimmers anyway. The colour payoff is a it mediocre however, because all of them need going over several times in order to get them to show on my eyelids. The mattes have reasonably good lasting power with a primer, but then I find nearly all mattes from most brands last reasonably long with a primer.

At the normal price of £14.99 I think this would be a tiny bit steep for what I would choose to pay for these shades, because I only really use three shades, but £9.99 is a reasonable price for 10 shades in a small palette, three of which I can easily wear daily. I don't think that the performance has made me think it is an absolutely necessary addition to my stash, nor has it made me think I need to buy the other palette, but I'm reasonably happy with it enough to use it, so all in all, not a bad purchase.

Have you tried this palette out? What are you thoughts on it? Do you have any favourite shades?


  1. The loreal pallete looks pretty ! Sadly in my country (Indonesia) not available yet. Maybelline nude pallete just launched last month, anyway i've tried LA girl nude pallete :D.


    1. Aw no, but the LA girl one looks lovely too! Wish I could get that! x