A Budget Serum: KIKO Moonlight Oil Seum

Saturday, 12 September 2015

 photo Kiko Moonlight Serum.jpg
In a recent trip to KIKO where I was determined to buy my first products from them (I know, I've never bought anything from them before, shame on me) I was confronted by such a huge range of products at such good prices, I was at a bit of a loss what to buy or even look at. The obvious things to look at was the Romantic Rebel collection that has been making the rounds on social media and blogs, but there was also the other limited collection that I hadn't heard of at all, the Midnight Siren collection. Sleek black packaging rules the roost here. What I did see in the collection that really caught my eye was the inclusion of a serum oil. Not very common in a limited edition makeup collection. This immediately got my attention so I snapped it up.

The Moonlight Oil Serum is described as an greaseless oil with anti-aging, detoxifying and glow-giving properties. With Jojoba oil, Camelina Sativa oil, Mastic Gum and Grapefruit extract, these core ingredients pack in a punch and would feature in serums that retail at double the price. My personal experience with jojoba oil has been really good, it gives deep moisturisation and really helps with clearing up skin. Mastic gum has anti-bacterial properties, so this will help get rid of any nasties that could lead to blemishes. Camelina Sativa Oil is a good anti-oxidant and moisturising oil that is high in omega-3 oils, and Grapefruit is a commonly used anti-oxidant in natural remedies. Not bad going for a skincare product that costs less than £19. It doesn't surprise me though that Kiko have gotten into the oil/serum scene; they already have a serum in their skincare line that I've read great things about, and it was high time that someone brought out an oil-serum that didn't take a chunk out of your wallet.

The packaging and dispensing of this has to be one of the most genius things I've seen lately . You twist the cap a little and the top pops up; you then fully unscrew the cap, and you push down on the top like a pipette dropper. This is so clever! I was seriously impressed by this, so serious praise goes out to Kiko for some clever packaging innovation.

This serum is very similar to the REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimal Skin Serum Oil, although it's a bit more watery by comparison. This does mean it is a tiny bit easier to absorb, but also means the dispenser tends to give out a little bit more than I would normally use for my face. This does mean it probably gives out the right amount for a luxury pampering session, and packs a whallop in the moisture department. I personally wouldn't say it's greaseless, and is much more suited to night time use. In fact, I don't think you would need a moisturiser on after this, it works as the last step in a night-time routine.

If there's one complaint I have here, the fragrance in this lets it down. Fragrance is listed in the ingredients, and rightly so, because it's quite strong and sweet. I think if you don't mind added fragrance in your skincare, then you will be fine with it but if you are a bit sensitive, then you might want to bear that in mind before buying.

Apart from this one small thing, this is a great alternative to the REN serum oil and great value at less than £20. Will you be giving this on a try? Do you have any budget serum recommendations (that aren't Hydraluron)? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is a great review, thank you :) Kiko do some fab products (I love their lipsticks), but I wish there was a Kiko shop near to me so I could pop in and grab products like this! xx


    1. I find the store a bit too manic really, so might try buying some of their eyeshadow and lipsticks online! x