A nail collection fit for winter: Essie Cashmere Matte

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

essie cashmere matte
The cooler months have people reaching for their knits in England, and nothing beats the comfort of cosy cashmere. There's something to be said about pulling on that cashmere jumper or wrapping yourself in a cashmere scarf that brings a little sophistication along with that snug feeling. Essie, very aptly, have brought out a collection that sums up the cosiness of cashmere, both in the colour and texture.

The Essie Cashmere Matte collection features six very pretty shades that all dry out to a matte finish, but there's something rather unique about them that has sort of converted me to matte nail polishes. I'll admit, my first encounter with matte nail polishes (OPI's You Don't Know Jacques) several years back was accidental, and I really didn't like the finish. I found it too weird, and just far too flat for my liking. With the Essie Cashmere Matte collection, this is completely avoided somehow, which has really surprised me. The colours either have shimmer running through them, making them duochromatic, or if they don't have shimmer, somehow really glowy looking.

I made use of a 3 for 2 offer in Boots on all Essie polishes and picked up: Cozy In Cashmere, a greige-taupe that turns purple in certain lights because of the blue shimmer, All Eyes On Nudes, a lovely café-au-lait colour, and Coat Couture, a mauve-grey hybrid. These colours are all stunning. I am absolutely in love with Cozy In Cashmere, it looks so pretty on. I thought Coat Couture would be my favourite, but Cozy In Cashmere has completely stolen its thunder. I didn't expect to like All Eyes On Nudes so much, because I was worried it would be too flat on the nail, but it really does exude that strange glowy quality I talked about, it just looks perfect on and is that wonderful caramel-y shade I've been looking ages for!

Such pretty colours, gorgeous colour effect, and glowing quality, there has to be a catch right? Yep, I'm afraid so. My recent purchases from Essie have vastly improved in longevity, but my encounter with Cozy In Cashmere just didn't work out that way unfortunately. A little streaky to apply, and only 3 days before major, and I mean major, chipping ensued. Chunks out of it. Not a great performance there, which is such a shame because I adore the colour. It's possible that this happened because I didn't put a top coat on, but I only have shiny or gelly topcoat in my collection, and that would completely defeat the point of wearing a matte polish, right? Oh, the dilemma! I think I can get away with painting a shiny topcoat over All Eyes On Nudes, but I rather like the matte effect of the other two colours.

If anyone can give me suggestions on what I can apply over the top to keep these on my nails for longer, send them my way immediately! The colours in this collection are just so pretty, that I'm sorely tempted to buy some of the remaining ones in the collection, but the longevity issue is really holding me back from committing to the collection fully!

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