Catching the Urban Decay Bug

Sunday, 25 October 2015

urban decay
Recently, my makeup stash has begun to overflow, so in my efforts to try and rearrange my beauty bits and bobs (and generally failing), I've realised that I've kind of caught Urban Decay fever. This time last year, I had very little from Urban Decay. I'd used and liked the Primer Potion, and regularly used the Naked 2 Palette which I've had for some time, but not much else for a long while. Then they opened up their store in Covent Garden, and slowly but surely, it's been creeping its way more and more into my beauty cupboard. Their lipsticks which were raved about in lots of blogs last summer got my interest up, but it was actually visiting their store during my lunch break that gave me the time (and space) to swatch, and walk away with a lipstick.

But, it was only really this year since August that the fever really got a hold of me. In fact, I can pin it to the exact date. 6th August. I know, I know, it might sound sad, being able to pin the date, but this was the day that lovely Heather from Porcelain Beauty hosted a meet-up and demo of the Smoky Palette at the store, and talked through all her favourite products that really got me interested. After buying the Smokey Palette, I've since gone back and invested in another eyeshadow palette, foundation, eyeliner and shortlisted a whole load of other things to try.

I think the reason for it is the fact that Urban Decay have come such a long way from the garish bright colours that I always used to associate them with. Yes, they'll always be known and loved for their Naked palettes, but for some reason, for years I've associated them with vivid and scary pinks as well as electric blues for eyeshadows. They've really moved on in the past few years, and it's a great positive change, because their products can appeal to everyone across the board, no matter what kind of look they like.

I still feel a bit unfamiliar with the brand, so would love to know which products I should prioritise getting. You can see pretty much all the UD products I've got right now, so let me know in the comments which things you think I should get next!


  1. The original Naked palette is my absolute favourite Urban Decay product. I've hit pan on so many shades! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. I'm not sure I'd get the original one, I already have N2 and N2 basics! But yes, they really are so good, I think they're the only brand I would ever hit pan for!

  2. I've caught the bug too, I adore their products! Completely recommend the Afterglow Powder Blush in Video :)

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    1. ooooh that looks so pretty! Another thing to add to my list! xx