Chanel Autumn

Saturday, 10 October 2015

chanel autumn

Oh yes, it's Autumn. Time to get out your hats and scarves, dig out your jumpers, and if you're like me, start wearing darker and moodier colours that just don't work during the warmer months. Berry and dark navy colours rule supreme for me at this time of year, but a certain Chanel release had me on tenterhooks as I waited for them to appear in store, and this was the Autumn 2015 release. Rather unusually centered around the colour green, I was immediately intrigued. A quick visit to the Chanel store in my lunch break let me satisfy my curiousity with the two things that picqued my interest the most.

I love Chanel polishes because of the wide choice of colour, and will almost always only buy a nail polish from their limited collections, and this was no exception. The colour that really had me jumping up and down was the brilliantly dark Vert Obscur. I saw swatches of this about a month ago and thought that there was a gap in my collection that needed to be filled by this. An intensely dark green, this colour has a bit of a blue base, so if you don't apply enough or use really really thin layers, the green will look more of a teal. That's where I hit a problem with this nail polish. I found the formula really difficult to work with. I did my best to make sure each time I dipped the brush back in, that it was covered with the same amount of formula or I removed the same amount, but with two layers, I only really managed two or three nails per hand that looked the same, and would end up adding another layer to those ones, only for them to end up much darker than the ones I thought were right. This ended up with me applying three or four layers on some nails just to get them to match as much as possible. As you can expect, this meant it took ages to dry and solidify completely. The killer? The ridiculous number of layers on my nails meant that they stayed softer for longer, so I ended up with nail wear within three hours. Three. Gah! If the formula weren't so difficult to work with, then this polish would be lovely. I will give you that my nails are a pretty colour that can look black or dark green in different lights, and is so so shiny even without a topcoat, but I'm going to have to really want this colour on again before I put in all that time to use it again.

Fact: when I went to my Leavers' Ball (the first one, GCSE year), the only makeup I wore was green eyeshadow. Oh yes, you read right. Green eyeshadow. I remember it exactly even now, it was a Seventeen by Boots eyeshadow in a clear round plastic pot. It was a sort of khaki brown-green that had a tiny bit of shimmer running through it. I adored it, but since I didn't really wear any other makeup again until a few years ago, I never wore it or bought another green like that again. Well, now I am sorted for my green fix. The Tisse D'Automne quad is a beautiful but slightly unsual combination of pink tones and green tones. One shade is a definite pink, the one diagonally opposite is a sort of caramel, while the last two are very much green. The top left is a khaki green, and the bottom right is a very dark olive green. It sounds odd, but these colours work together beautifully, and I've been reaching for this palette on a daily basis since I bought it. Aside from the colours, I am very impressed by the palette in how comfortable the shadows feel on the eyelid, they are really blendable and stay on the lid for my whole working day without any real fading. While I'm not fussed about the other Les Quatre Ombres since I have colours that are similar for most of the permanent range, this particular palette fills a gap in my eyeshadow collection, so I'm happy I made the commitment to buy it.

If you are more patient or better at applying nail polish than me (not hard, honestly, I sort of slick it on and hope for the best), or want to buy the beautiful palette, then you'll be happy to hear House of Fraser still have some in stock, although the palette is going to sell out much faster for sure. The palette is something I highly recommend, I think everyone would be able to create a look they like from this, whether it be a bit edgy or a bit more ladylike, just be prepared to become obsessed with it!