Dior Star Foundation

Thursday, 22 October 2015

I've been having a bit of a foundation funk lately, where nothing in my foundation stash has really been appealing to me, not even my usually reliable Chanel Perfection Lumiere. I've been ill for a while recently, and you can really tell with my skin, so I've been in need of something that covers or blurs any scarring or imperfections on my skin, without feeling heavy and cloying. It's funny how tastes change so dramatically. A little over a year ago, I would have said I only ever want to use really thick formulas when my skin was in this state, now I want something that I can't feel.

Well luckily for me, the Diorskin Star Foundation is pretty much exactly what I need. Lightweight but still very buildable, this foundation is a dream to wear. I did actually try this on last year as soon as it launched, and did like it, but didn't feel the need for it in my foundation wardrobe (or possibly because it came out around the time I usually have to buy all my family members birthday presents, I was kind of broke?). Now I know better. I should have invested in it straight away. The formula for this foundation does apply really sheer on the skin when you dab with a light hand, giving the thinnest veil of coverage, or can be built up to blur out scars. It's very comfortable to wear, and at no point do I really 'feel' it on my face like I do with some of my other formulas. It also manages to still make me look healthy, which is kind of amazing considering I've been so under the weather. I feel like my skin sort of gives off an actual glow, but somehow it manages to semi-mattify everything so I don't look like a glaring lightbulb at the end of a working day. Even skintone, good coverage, lightweight, and so natural looking, I really see myself making sure I always have a bottle of this in my makeup drawer.

I also decided to give a different sponge applicator a go, investing in the Dior Backstage Blender which is a definite step up price wise from my Real Techniques sponge, and also a real step up in terms of quality. Comparing the two, the Dior version is much denser and more solid, which you can really tell when you squeeze the two to see which one compresses more. I also think that the Real Techniques one absorbs too much product which ends up wasted. I've been told that the Backstage Blender has been made with a more solid internal core, with only the outside part of the applicator being porous, and after using it, I think this probably is the truth rather than marketing spiel. Anyway, I am so glad I've been using this, because it makes applying foundation really easy to use, and the finish looks a tad more even than with a brush. If I were using a brush, I'd probably finish off with the sponge anyway, so it makes sense for me to just go in with this one. I have been seriously loving using this sponge, I've actually not used a brush once since I got it. Less washing for me to do at the end of the week, win win!

Conclusions here are that if you are looking for a foundation that can make you look like the picture of health with 8 hours sleep a night, then this is the one for you. If you want it to get a much more even and smooth finish, or are just looking for a new applicator, then investing a little bit more in the Backstage Blender is something I won't hesitate to recommend. Time to celebrate the end of my foundation love dry-spell, I'm all starry-eyed over this one.


  1. I tried a sample of this way way back when is launched and loved it! Such a gorgeous finish and so easy to apply!


    1. I know, I felt the same originally, can't think why it took me so long to buy it!