When going simple doesn't always work: Malin+Goetz review

Sunday, 17 January 2016

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Sometimes I want to take a step back from the faff of multiple skincare steps. I can't be the only one who has taken a shortcut with their skincare routine after a long and tiring week. This was especially the case for me at the beginning of December, when it was getting darker and darker outside, and all I wanted to do when I got home was to change into my pyjamas and curl up under a blanket, not faffing with serus, oils and treatments.

I was also feeling a bit unsatisfied with my current cleansers, not to mention my fairly non-existent variety in moisturisers, so a little browse in Liberty's saw me go home with the Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser andGrapefruit Cleanser. Since the brand is quite specifically aimed at sensitive skin, I thought these would be perfect for me. After all, I already swear by their handcream and their lipbalm, surely I would like their other skincare products as much.

Well, turns out this wasn't going to be true. I could only use them for 2 days before I had to give up completely. The cleanser somehow managed to strip my skin completely, feeling stretched all over, while also simultaneously make me break out pretty much all over my face. I couldn't believe just how dry my skin had become from using it, not to mention the horror at seeing pimples pop up all over the place.

As for the moisturiser, possibly if my skin hadn't been in such a state I would have been able to carry on using it, but instead, it only made the tight stretched and dry feeling turn into prickling and soreness, so that obviously was put aside.

I'm quite sad about this, considering how I had always liked the brand before, but now I'm really wary about giving anything else by them a go. Not to mention the products are not cheap. Obviously, everyone reacts differently to different products, so I'd be really interested to hear if anyone uses these on the regular. For my part, I'll remain disappointed in having spent so much money on something that didn't work, but at least I've learnt a lesson here!


  1. It's such a shame these didn't work for you! At least you know now not to use them again. I actually have some samples of these and was putting off trying them. My skin is super sensitive so I think I'll give them a miss now!

    Thank you for reviewing! :)

    Jordan | JordanCourtney

    1. You're welcome! Really annoyed that they didn't work, but I've learnt my lesson now! Glad to have been some help! xx