Twenty-something living in London. You'll find my blog will have a lot of the following:

Rambling about things
A lipstick and nail polish obsession

I'm using this blog to talk about things I buy, and so hopefully guilt myself into buying less things. MY BANK WILL LOVE ME SOMEDAY.

I started up my blog this year as a hobby, while working a day job that pays for all the pretty things I buy. I do not do this professionally, I just write about things that I like (or don't like) because I like to share. This means that although I do my best to blog as regularly as possible, sometimes life takes over and I am not on here as much as I would like to be. However, I do my very best!

I buy all products myself, unless they are GWPs or gifts from family and friends, which will be stated. All opinions are my own, as are all photos.

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